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Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


Well, the part above this text was automatically generated when I signed up for this site at WordPress.com, nice quote, thanks WP!

So, right, the journey begins. This is my first ever attempt of writing a blog. Here, I intend to write on a daily basis about the journey I’m going through, with the purpose of sharing the story with others, well, in case if there is anyone reading.

What am I about to write in here? What journey am I talking about? Am I on an adventure on the oceans? Am I on the edge of life sharing what drugs I’m on?

Nah, not really. This is the story of a 19 years old young man, who wants to live a life that every other person doesn’t get to do. No, it isn’t about luxury. This is my story of getting into technologies considered bleeding edge in an under-privileged country at an age of  13, getting kicked out of high-school which I consider as dropping out, getting employed in one of the best companies in the concerned industry at an age of 18 and so it continues.

That was indeed one sort of a philosophic answer, but what am I actually going to write here?

Well, let’s get introduced first. This is Nahid, a home-grown web interface developer who is on a journey to make WordPress the next best thing out there (which it is almost, but not from every point of view). I’m currently employed over at WPMU DEV as a Tech Support Engineer, working where was (and is) the most influential step of my life, working where taught me that saying “I’m a developer” makes me sound completely stupid, because I realize every minute that I know next to nothing and there is so much more to learn. Apart from my most loved day job, I contribute to WordPress related open-source projects like Gutenberg, which is WordPress’ next big step and I, as a WP fanatic want to ensure that it’s done right. That actually covers most part of the journey I’m talking about.

You’re bored already, aren’t you? So am I just going to write what I do repetitively for a living? Not really. What I’m going to write about is my journey where I learn new stuff every single day, in and out of work at my day job, as I currently consider myself (and will do always) a “still learning” developer. I’m going to write what I could’ve avoided or adopted during my initial stages of self learning development/programming, which might help other fellow starters out there. I’m going to write what I am currently working on and keep bragging about it, so you can get inspired for your next big project.

Is that all? So, just work stuff? Well, I’m a privacy concerned person and will not speak a lot about personal/family stuff out in the open, but I’m going to write what it is like to work remotely, how does “travel and work” works at the same time, what it is like to attend WordCamps and what I learn from them. Now, how does that sound?

I hope you love to stick around 🙂

Nahid Ferdous Mohit

Nahid Ferdous Mohit

Nahid is a 20 years old, self-taught software developer, currently working as a tech support engineer at WPMU DEV. Besides his awesome day job, he spends the rest of his leisure time in open source development.